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    Hello Moody School Community! This is week 2 at home. Even if we aren’t in school together, we want to continue to support your child in the ways available to us. We are in this together!

    One way to support the health and well-being of your child is to support a regular daily routine.  Each week, we’ll be posting suggested activities (15 minutes or shorter) that you can do with your child to support your routine during these unusual times.

    Stay healthy, stay safe, and stay connected!

    – The Moody School Staff

    Morning Routine:

    • START WITH A BOOK! – Read a book together to start the day. Identify the title and author of the book. Support your child in holding the book and turning pages. If you’d like to listen to a book read aloud, you can check out this book: Pete the Cat’s Train Trip:
    • SING SONGS – Oral language is an important part of Preschool learning and singing songs is one way to support that language development. Check out this link for a song to sing with your child today – Over in the Meadow by Barefoot Books:
    • LITERACY ACTIVITY – Find your name! Find the letters in your name. Practice writing/tracing your name (Name tracing: or you can draw a picture of yourself.
    • MATH ACTIVITY– Go on a shape hunt! Find shapes in your house. How many can you find?
    • TAKE TIME TO PLAY!!!  Play is an important part of preschool learning. Make pretend meals together, pretend you’re taking a trip into space, or build something with blocks. Have fun!

    Afternoon Routine:

    • FINE MOTOR – Take time to write or draw pictures together. Keep going with your journal from last week! Write or draw how you are feeling today, what you notice about the weather, or anything that comes to mind.
    • GROSS MOTOR – Take time to move! This week, we’re going to move like animals! You can watch this video while you move – Moving with Animals:
    • LITERACY TIME – It’s time for Letterland! Watch the Letterland video to see the letters we’ve been learning and are going to learn –  Letterland letters:
    • MATH TIME – Go on a number hunt in the afternoon! What numbers can you find in your house?
    • SCIENCE – Observe nature observing today. Find one thing that’s growing and draw a picture to go with your observations.


    End each day with a book. Take the time to connect with your child, check in with them, and give them your undivided attention!


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