Moody Pre-School


    • Color, read a book, do puzzles, watch enrichment videos while prone (on the stomach).

    • Include crawling on hands and knees into the educational activity.

    • Color on paper taped to the wall while in high kneel.

    • Play Simon Says for receptive language carryover (and static balance).

    • While gathering the rocks, leaves, sticks, etc., place them all in a bucket and carry the “heavy load” into your home.

    • During bubble play, have the child reach for the bubbles while standing in one place and / or run to pop the bubbles.

    • Jumping games to learn direction:  Jump forward, jump backwards, jump sideways, jump over, jump in place…. How far can you jump?

    • Play 123 red light / green light.

    • Outside use squirt bottles on the pavement or foundation to make designs or draw pictures.

    • When making music with pots and pans, have the child lift the pots and pans in and out of the cabinet.

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