Moody Pre-School

  • OT / PT Suggestion for Home Enrichment



    BATHTUB TIME:  Fill and empty cups, bowls or buckets of water.  The higher your child lifts the container the more they work the muscles in their arms.  Have your child push buoyant tub toys to the bottom of the tub, hold them down, release and have them float back up to the top.  Use different textured cloths to scrub. Shaving cream pictures.

    YARD WORK:  Dig holes, rake, pull weeds, pile rocks, pick up sticks, plant seeds, fill a wagon or wheelbarrow with leaves/rocks/sticks and have your child move it from one part of the yard to another.




    TAKE A WALK:  Try walking on varied terrains.  Have your child carry a backpack with a light load in it. Jump over the sidewalk cracks.  Use the curb like a balance beam side stepping along the way or walking step over step.  

    YARD PLAY:  Rolling up and down a hill, climbing up and down a hill or up and over obstacles, hoola hoops play (roll it back and forth, jump sideways, forward or backward over it), practice riding a tricycle, ball play using a playground sized ball (catch, throw, kick), T ball games, relay races, tug of war, mud pie play, squirt bottle play, chasing bubbles.  Wheelbarrow walking. Scavenger hunts.




    LAUNDRY TIME:  Have your child load the washer or the dryer, once the laundry basket is full have your child push the basket across the floor.  Have your child help you by carrying the detergent bottle for you.

    HELP IN THE KITCHEN:  Have your child stir, use a rolling pin or push dough with cookie cutters, mash potatoes with a masher.  Your child can assist with washing or drying the dishes. Ask for help washing the floor on your hands and knees.  Sweep, vacuum, wipe off the table. Unload and load the pot/pan cabinet.




    INDOOR PLAY:  Read a book, play a game, watch TV or have your child play with a device while lying on their stomach on the floor.  Play Simon Says and have your child copy different postures (downward dog, superman on the floor, one-foot standing, tiptoe standing…).  Dance to music and change the tempo dancing slowly and wildly. Wheelbarrow walk up the stairs.

    SELF CARE:  Have your child dress themselves with your guidance if needed.  Practice using a spoon and fork instead of finger foods. Have your child brush their own hair and teeth.  Have your child practice packing their own backpack to take for a walk. Encourage independent zippers, buttons and fasteners.  Out of the tub have your child towel off themselves and put lotion or powder on themselves.


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